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awarded20in20's Journal

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Welcome to awarded20in20! I got the idea of this community from celeb20in20, of course, but the basic idea of this community is to icon celebrities who have won or been nominated for the following awards: the Oscars, the Emmys, the BAFTAs, Golden Globes, etc. I'm not going to limit you as to who you can icon, everyone has their own opinions about who is talented, so in the end, it is up to you.

01. You must be a member to participate, so if the idea sounds appealing to you, join now!
02. Even if you are not participating, but are a member, try to leave positive feedback for those who are participating--it means a lot!
03. You cannot participate if you sign up after the info for the round is posted, sorry.
04. All icons must be new, made by you, made especially for the round they are entered into.
05. All icons must fit LJ standards: .png/.jpg/.gif, 40kb or less. Animation is not allowed.
06. You may post your icons here or in your journal or icon community, but the entries must be public! I will not join to get your icons; if they're private, they will not be posted in the voting. Also, please post with three teaser icons.
07. Never vote for yourself or tell other to vote for you.
08. Keep things PG13 rated--if you're unsure, just ask!

hirschstills nortonstills rdjstills stargate20in20 britneystills guys20in20 penelopestills you_choose_ic smvl20in20 islastills model20in20 free20in20 startrek20in20 starwars20in20 stargate20in20 ncis20in20 cotillardstills food20in20 bones20in20 lost20in20 heroes20in20 sprntrl20in20 whoverse20in20 torchwood20in20 moonlight20in20 house_md20in20 tgw20in20 yourchoice20n20 thebau20in20 sanctuary20in20 glee20in20 fringe20in20 xfiles20in20 bigbang20in20 jglstills goslingstills cinema20in20 kate_challenge ilove20in20
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